Our Parish logo highlights its history. If you look carefully inside the ring forming 'Wooburn & Bourne End Parish Council', you will see a bishop's mitre. The Bishops of Lincoln were influential, and built a Palace where Wooburn Manor Park now is. The two 'W' shapes probably represent the river Wye, and the eleven rectangles are the mills along its banks that were originally used for grinding corn before their power was harnessed to make paper.  


One of the Bishops of Lincoln was able to provide William the Conqueror with ships for his invasion in 1066, and as a result became an important and trusted henchman of William I. The Bishop in turn awarded the Manor of Waburne to a close relative, Walter D'Eyncourt, who had fought at the Battle of Hastings. In addition, Walter was the lucky recipient of an adjoining manor (known as Lede or Lude), along with a parcel of land which later became Wooburn parish. This is the Deyncourt coat of arms. Some interesting similarities...